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11:55am 08/05/2010
  in case you didn't know!
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11:38am 23/11/2009
  that scene in Twilight: New Moon when the wolves are chasing Victoria and they are playing that new Thom Yorke song in the backround was pretty epic!...

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your far to kind...   
10:24pm 24/09/2009
mood: refreshed

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GET IT!!!!   
11:04pm 21/06/2009
  "After a bit of a delay, it's finally out! Enjoy Re:automation Radio's latest FREE mp3 compilation "Metallic Connections" - Thanks to everyone that helped me put it together. Thanks for the support! Enjoy the noise."

Details Page: http://www.archive.org/details/VA-Metallic_Connections-2009
Full Download ( Zip) :http://www.archive.org/compress/VA-Metallic_Connections-2009


01. Sleep Clinic - Last Analysis [It Had Existed] (9:49)
02. Displacer - The Rack (5:04)
03. Lucid Reflections - Loodlamp (3:46)
04. Spyweirdos - The Oldest Door (9:09)
05. Embodi - You Will Burn (6:31)
06. Tapage & Db - Spare Seconds (7:19)
07. Milieu - Base Map (6:33)
08. Audio Organism - Brainthief (4:03)
09. Greymalkin - Chimera (6:06)
10. Marching Dynamics - What You Have Done (5:31)
11. Sleep Clinic - Lemons' Translation [Centre Cipher] (5:22)
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sacrifice nothing...   
09:23pm 17/05/2009
mood: accomplished
The album is done...need to get together with norm to "finalize". The 1st cd was written entirely with garageband and a shit ton of vst's. The second cd will be made using Logic 8 which so far has made a HUGE difference as far as production, especially now that I figured out how to use my vst's with Logic.

new demo up...


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09:49pm 29/03/2009
  the album is done!!

go to my myspace and check out the album sampler!


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07:16pm 25/01/2009
  been way to busy and broke...haven't jammed with norm in forever which makes me sad...new tracks are up...bleh...

things i've been enjoying in the studio...   
03:44pm 25/11/2008


02:37pm 17/11/2008

07:12pm 10/08/2008

this is my side project girlandthesea...
maybe you like this kinda thing...   
08:10pm 29/05/2008
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02:14pm 29/05/2008
mood: confused

1. why do breakcore kids smell so bad??? Like worse than all the pvc/leather/vinyl wearing ebm people?

2. why do scensters people like bandanas? nothing cracks me up more than seeing a totally white dude rocking a mexican gangsta bandana and looking like...

example a:Photobucket
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01:05pm 29/05/2008

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08:01am 19/05/2008
mood: confused
"...oh mother I can feel, the soil falling over my head..."
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09:46am 07/05/2008
  If you'd like to (totally voluntarily) toss him a few bucks in appreciation, his PayPal address is mannaquintv@aol.com, or just send him a message of thanks over MySpace.

Track List:


Purification Ritual

The Sermon of Setekh

Book of Enoch

The Sons of Asmodeous

We Are Immortal

The Brotherhood of Sleep

The Remixes:

7. We Are Immortal (blood and fire mix) by W.A.S.T.E.


Book of Enoch (be commanded by the gods of fire mix) by Ah Cama-Sotz

Purification Ritual (zombie a-go-go mix) by Embodi

The Sons of Asmodeous (sonovabitch mix) by Endif

The Sermon of Setekh (pass the collection plate mix) by Alter Der Ruine

Book of Enoch (the final judgement mix) by Vuxnut

http://www. myspace. com/tomegatherionmusic

http://www. yousendit. com/transfer. php?action=download&ufid=E2670F9351FF5F91

http://www. yousendit. com/transfer. php?action=download&ufid=ABCB250534F6FA6F
09:14pm 14/02/2008
mood: drunk
random thought...

so i'm listening to THE OCEAN BLUE's 1st cd and i totally realize that they sound exactly like echo and the bunnymen/the smiths gone shoegaze...

anyone else agree?
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02:34am 30/01/2008
mood: calm
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12:19pm 02/01/2008
  What a fucking weekend!


Headed down to San Diego to finally kick it with Mr. Tyler Viscerine and Mr. Vuxnut.
Many drinks were had, lots of bullshit was talked, and not much sleep was done.


Embodi prepared for the show and finally headed down to Mexico from the house!
Set up, ate amazing nachos, got the worst fucking headache, kicked the shit out of the virus club, walked back to the border, passed out! Big thank you to ISAYASS for hauling our gear in your car!


Recovering day. We just chilled and hung out. Bullshitted in the garage with Alyssa and ISAYASS till 3.am.! Awesome! Shane mentioned we should set up our gear and jam monday night...


Woke up late, went shopping for groceries for the "gathering" later in the evening and ate a kick ass california burrito. Shane and I set up our gear in the garage and ISAYASS brought his dj rig so we'd have music to dance to. Cooked some hotdogs and hamburgers, started drinking, got my ass kicked in GOTH, began to drink, jammed, got my ass served again in GOTH, and played at a rave! Crazy fucking night full of racism, the scorpians and lots of harsh jamming.

Eventually passed out...


Woke up, ate, dj'd with ISAYASS in the garage, got sad cause I knew we were gonna have to go back to l.a. soon, got my ass served again in GOTH, said our goodbye's and left s.d....

2007 was by far the worst fucking year of my life. But coming down to S.D., kicking it, and ringing in the new year with everyone made all that b.s. soo worth it.

A HUGE THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART TO ANTHONY, ALYSSA, SHANE, AND ISAYASS for showing me an amazing time! I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else!
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12:26pm 23/12/2007
mood: dorky
i think i'm in love...
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12:26am 08/12/2007
  old interview from?
Embodi is a gaze 'n' noise project signed to Mechanizms that has been in existence since 2005. Last month I had the opportunity to interview Mekano, the brains behind Embodi. For more info check out: http://www.myspace.com/embodimusic

Introduce yourself; who are you / what do you do?

Hi my name is Mekano and I am the heart and soul of Embodi.

What is Embodi? Can you give us a brief bio?

Embodi is a project I started in late 2005 as an outlet to express a
lot of the negative emotions I was dealing with at the time. I was signed to
Mechanismz in early 2006. I've had the pleasure of remixing some of my
favorite artists in the scene and have been working on my debut for
about 2 years.

How did you come up with the name Embodi? What does it mean?

I actually found the name in a medical dictionary. To me it's an
embodiment of my personal feelings towards life.

What do you hope to achieve with / though the medium of music? What
CAN be achieved through this medium?

Basically just to connect with people.. Like the 1st time I heard The
Smiths or Depeche Mode. I was able to connect and feel something really
unique and different. This is what I am trying to achieve with Embodi.

What inspires you to write music?

women, lust, life, emptiness, love...

How is the process writing a harsh track like “All Night!” different
from a more ambient track like “Oceans (I love you when you smile)”

With a track like all night I was purposely trying to make a clubby harsh
track. I wanted to make something that people could dance too and
would be fun to play live.

With Oceans I basically tried the capture the feeling of hopelessness
and despair. I wanted to make the listener feel what I was feeling when I
wrote it. So a track like that is much more personal and "real".

I can see the gridlock/bitcrush influence in tracks like Hours (wasted).
Would you ever do an entire album like this or will you always include
songs from a variety of musical styles?

YES! Album #2 will explore that sound way more than ever. It will be way
more ambient and harsh. But not in a 4/4 kinda way. I've been
listening to a lot of Keef Baker and Marching Dynamics so it'll be interesting!

I notice that you tend to use a lot of samples in your music? Any
reason for this? How do you feel about sampling in music in general?

Blame Skinny Puppy! I loved listening to their albums and trying to figure
out where the samples came from. So I carry this on with Embodi. I will
sample anything that makes me laugh or makes me feel! I do think a lot
of bands tend to sample the same movies over and over and that can get
really lame. Now I'm not saying that I have never sampled a film like Aliens or
Hellraiser for example. But I do try my best to sample a lot of films
that would most of the time go under the radar...like TOY STORY!

How does living in California influence you / your music?

Downtown L.A., Hollywood, Laguna Beach...all these places have done nothing
but fuel my creative process. Certain places at certain times leave you with
a memory or a feeling that I have been able to incorporate into Embodi.

What do you think the future of industrial music is? Where is there
left to go?

Sadly I think we'll just recycle ourselves over and over...For an
example TBM? What the fuck is that! I think bands will just keep thinking of
more stupid genres and people will keep thinking it's new. Kinda sad...

What are the top albums that inspire you?

The Chameleons U.K. - Script of the Bridge
Cocteau Twins - Head Over Heels
Cranes - Loved
Bitcrush - in distance
Slowdive - Souvlaki
Keef Baker - The Widnes Years
Death in June - Nada!
Skinny Puppy - Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse
The Smiths - Meat is Murder
Depeche Mode - Ultra

What are the top movies?

Lost in Translation
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Monsters Inc.
Dawn of the Dead (original)
Evil Dead 2
Judge Dredd
Wedding Singer

What is currently on the Embodi agenda?

Putting Excursions into Sleep out!
Preparing for a show at minimal club called M/R/X on July 7th
Heading up to San Francisco to play with Savak, Exillon, and Marching
Dynamics on August 19th.
Playing Terrorkamp (festival) on August 25th here in L.A.
Working on remixes and album #2!!!

Any final words?

check out these links!


brap on...

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview. Wounds of the Earth
wishes Embodi much success in the future.